Palmanova Plaza

Palmas Supermarket and Deli (787-719-5730) Groceries and Sandwiches

Pura Vida (787-914-0316) Meat, pasta, seafood (Tropical Cuisine)

Chihuahua (787-850-2693) Tex mex cantina (Burritos, nachos, tacos)

Blue Hawaii (787-852-0897) Vietamese menu

C-Bar (787-852-5600) Creole Cuisine

Brochette (787-852-7173) Puerto Rican Cuisine

Flying Pizza (787-850-4688) Pizza (also delivers)


Chez Daniel / Tapas Bar (787-850-38380 French Cuisine and variety of Tapas

La Pescaderia (787-552-0110) Seafood and local cuisine

Wyndham Hotel

David’s Cookies (787-850-6000 ext 5042) Coffee, Ice Cream, Breakfast, Cookies

On the Beach

Beach Bohio (787-719-7222) Burgers, chicken and salads

Beach Club

Waves bar and grill (787-656-3010) Burgers, sandwiches, salads and seafood

Tennis Courts

Center Court (787-656-3023) Burgers, salads and sandwiches

In Humacao (10 minutes from Palmas)

Bocata (787-850-44290 Deli, Tapas, sandwiches and great wines

Domino’s Pizza (787-852-3535) Pizza, pastas and sandwiches