The “MARSTERS” name has been associated with the Palmas del Mar Resort from its very beginning. We like to say that “WE NOT ONLY KNOW PALMAS, BUT WE HELPED CREATE IT. Palmas began as a large coconut grove. It was originally developed by the same group that developed Sea Pines in Hilton Head SC. My parents, Rand and Diane Marsters, started working for the original development team here in Palmas in 1972. My Dad being a Civil Engineer, was hired as the General Manager of Land Development. He was instrumental in creating the Marina, electrical and water systems, and roads. My Mother was hired by the Sales and Marketing division. Originally from Canada, my parents loved the warm weather and people of Puerto Rico, so they decided to stay once they tasted Paradise. They formed the first Independent Real Estate Company in Palmas in 1981. I joined the Company in 1989, after graduating from the University of Maryland with a BS in Business and Information Systems. Over the years I learned the different aspects of the business from Accounting to Rentals and Sales. My Mother was amazing at what she did. Great leaders encourage their employees to grow and excel in their work. Many of the Realtors in Palmas have come from my Mother’s training and encouragement. Not only was she a great teacher, she was honest and trustworthy. Both attributes have been the foundation of the way I have always aspired to do business. Our Company was an independent affiliate with Coldwell Banker from 1990 to 2002. That affiliation helped us be on the “cutting edge” in the market place and definitely facilitated our competitive growth within Palmas and throughout the island of Puerto Rico. After many years running her own company, in 1999 my Mother was approached by the Master Developer to run their Real Estate Office, a true testimony of her professionalism and reputation. My Father and I continued the family business until their retirement in 2007. Even though they are no longer living in Palmas, I am constantly being told how people miss my parents and how they impacted their lives. Our family has also made it an important value to be involved with our community. We helped establish and have supported the Palmas Community Church and were co-founders of the Palmas Ladies Community Club. In 2008 when the economy took a dive, Marsters Real Estate joined forces with Costa del Caribe Realty for 3 years. In 2011, I was offered a company buyout from a Company called Oceano. After working for Oceano for four years, they closed their operations here in Palmas. I then reopened Marsters Real Estate this past May 2015. I am really excited to be promoting the “Marsters” name again. Nothing like running your own business. I am also fortunate to be associated with Maranatha Realty, which is handling the Real Estate Sales side of the business. I am truly blessed to have spent the last 40 years living in Paradise. What a great profession I have, “To make Dreams come true here in Paradise!” May the “Marsters” name bring you confidence and meet all your expectations for your vacation here in Palmas del Mar!. Douglas Marsters Aug 2015

The Marsters Family